Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dreaming Of A Europe Adventure

I am very much in the mood for a European travel adventure. I have a long list of places, sites and experiences that I would like to see and do. I am thinking about focusing my next trip on northern Europe and I may very well start with some Amsterdam travel excursions. I have never been to Amsterdam but I have heard good things and I have talked with folks that used to live there. It sounds very exciting!

I am sure that I will end up in some of the eastern countries as well. High on my list are Germany and Russia. I have some German and Polish family history that I would like to get a feel for with a trek around those areas.

Right now I am just in the dreaming phase for this trip. If things look like they may really happen soo, I will move into the planning phase and I have a ton of fun doing all of the research and learning that is required to have a good travel experience!

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